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Welcome to my website.


I am callboy, and I travel between Austria, Switzerland and Germany, or most between Wien, Zürich and Berlin. You can have my time and my energy almost wherever you want. If a male can help you on the way which you like, then you are now on the right internet location, then read more.









My services sometimes involve sex sometimes not. There is callboy escort without sex and male striptease without sex. Final choice is yours. In callboy escort there is sometimes deep talking when you can discover something new about yourself which is almost impossible to understand without playing with professional entertainers. I will be your service for your relaxing, your enjoying and your new knowledge about yourself.


A person in one life don't need to try everything, but if the action like to rent a callboy attract you to try out this, you probably should to try out this. Remember this website then return here later if you are not sure now. You will not be the first or the last woman which tasted callboy and replay this game from time to time.


On this website you can see my totally nude videos because I work jobs which are not discrete for me, but in other side I am giving guarantee for your discretion 100%, doesn't matter where you are, who you are or what you are. Somebody like to meet on public place, somebody like to meet on a hidden place and save the game with a callboy like a secret. The choice is yours whether we will meet on the public place or on the secret place.








Many games which you like to propose I like to accept because I like to experiment and I like to explore human sexuality and I like to fulfill people's desires.


I am 1,82 m tall and have 82 kg.


My physical strength does not mean that I am not gentle. Power without control has no value.


I speak 4 languages:
English (C1 level),
German (B2 level),
Russian (B1 level),
Serbo-Croatian (mother tongue).


Safety is important for me first because of me then because of you. Condom is mandatory. Last years I did not have sex without condom, except in porn job. But in porn job each one performers have to have fresh medical tests for more sexually transmitted diseases. That's mean that I am not from a risky group. I take care about myself and also about you.


I have experience in porn acting where I fulfill special desires of different people, and I want to hear your desires. Many games are allowed. Release freely your secret fantasies, relax and enjoy with callboy. Like callboy I will be your toy, your masseur, your lover, your barmen, your luggage carrier, your security, or another role for you when you are my director.



Prices in € (EUR):



1 hour

1 day (night)

2 days















male stripper